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June-July 2023 | All Together Now

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Free Soloing

Dirty Feet

Dirty Hands: Be Involved in the Father's Passion

Carlisle Hanna: A Shining Light Extinguished

His Legacy Continues

Best Supporting Actor

From Salem to Sneads: Road to Restoration

The Bible and Gender

Welch Graduates Are Citizens of Two Cities

God of Promises

I Only Have Two Hands...

Facts About Feelings

Compounding Possibilities

D6 EveryDay Foundations

A Call to Be All In! D6 Conference 2023 Review

As for You: 2023 National Convention Preview and Schedule



First Glimpse: Just Okay?

Primary Source: Thunderstruck

Intersect: Grieve With Hope

Brown on Green: Inflated

Leadership Whiteboard: Leadership and Learning

Better Together: Operation Restoration

Recipe for Life: Summer Salad



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