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June-July 2024 | Time to Shine!

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2 Women + 1 Village = Hope

They Need English-Speaking Friends!

Shine! Know Your Worth

The Diagnosis: Walking Through a Child's Chronic Illness

Thirsting for God in a Dry and Weary Land

Searching for Stillness

Through the Wringer

Partners in Planting

Vital Relationships in Military Ministry

Making Disciples, Growing Churches | Training for Ministry

The Hanna Project: Activities 2022-2023

Doña Amy

Funding Missions Trips

What’s in a Name?

The Forgotten Commandment

EveryDay: 2024 D6 Conference Review

NAFWB 2024 Convention Preview (PDF)



First Glimpse: Wild Honey and The Big Fluffy

Primary Source: Family Life

Intersect: The God Who Keeps You

Refresh: A Great First Impression

Brown on Green: Planned Obsolescence

Leadership Whiteboard: Making Tough Decisions

Better Together: An Opportunity Awaits



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