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Growing more like Jesus

by Katie Greenwood and Eric Thomsen

The following activity was taken from Explorer's Guide 1, a devotional magazine for elementary-aged children and part of the CLEAR Learning System™ from Randall House Publications. To find out more, visit the Randall House website at

LOOK FOR A SPECIAL CONTAINER to plant something in this winter. Choose some flowers or seeds to plant together. In order for plants to grow, certain things will have to be done for them regularly. Take turns being responsible for pulling the weeds, watering the soil, and caring for the plants.

As you care for the beautiful plants that are growing, don’t forget to work on your own growth too. Talk with your family about ways to be more like Jesus. Read the Bible together. During the winter, plan some lively indoor activities. Organize a family prayer list and pray together.

A flower seed can’t become a flower unless it gets nutrients, sunlight, and care. You can’t be more like Jesus without spending time with Him and learning from His word! Jesus had a lot to say about things that grow. But his words may surprise you! Read Mark 4:1-20.

Be sure to take pictures of your plants, and we will publish them on this page of the ONE Magazine website. Happy gardening! Send your pictures to: ONE Magazine: Just for Kids.

Need some great tips for growing?

Here are some tips for growing things in small spaces (taken in part from the National Garden Association). You can find out more about gardening by visiting their website at

Containers. You can grow plants in everything from custom-made pottery to antique bathtubs, but clay pots and wooden planters are more common. Any container is a possibility, but it must have drainage holes at the bottom.

Soil mix. Use an indoor planting mix for container gardening. Soak the soil with water before planting. This can be messy, so do it outside if possible.

Perennials. These plants can be grown in containers and moved in and out of the house. Herbs, vegetables, shrubs, and citrus fruits can all be grown in containers.

Watering. Keep an eye on your plants! Soil can dry out quickly in a dry house. Water plants consistently for best results.

Fertilizing. Fertilizers wash out of containers faster than the ground. Try using plant spikes (a solid fertilizer that slowly dissolves with watering).

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