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Leader profile

This column, sponsored by Randall House Publications, features a different Free Will Baptist pastor or leader in each issue.

To nominate a leader for spotlight, contact Danny Conn.



Leadership comes in all forms and sizes, but the results are always the same. Leaders influence behavior and make a difference in other people’s lives. Profiling leaders shows a variety and diverse combination of traits and characteristics, but impacting lives is always a common theme.

A native Ohioan, Pete Dunn has lived and worked in the same community since he was nine years old. Pete currently serves as the federal programs coordinator for Western Local School District, but has previously worked as a school administrator, principal, and teacher of third and
fourth graders. He also applies those administrative and educational skills in his other role as pastor of Dailyville Free Will Baptist Church in Waverly, Ohio.

Pete has been a part of the Dailyville Church for almost 29 years and has been their pastor for the last four years. People often recognize Pete and are influenced by his leadership in the community as well as among various Christian organizations.

Known for his creative sermon series and teaching abilities, he recently developed a sermon series to include CSI-type investigations of the blood of the sacrifices made in the Bible. He illustrated them by pointing to the cross where it is noted no murder was committed. Rather, he defined the fact that Jesus willingly died for us.

About Pete

Quiet time routine: Typically the dining table in the evening (sometimes during the night)

Ideal date with wife: Sitting at home watching a romantic movie.

Kids (with a one-word description) of each: Allison (10), beautiful; Ryan (8), inquisitive

Goals for church: Build solid Christians who feed on God’s Word daily through education in the Sunday School.

Favorite three books: The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis, The Listener by Terry Blackstock, and The Orchard by Elissa Morgan.

Current/Recent reading: The Shack, and rereading Pilgrims Progress

Biggest failure: Not putting family high enough on the priority list.

Where success is found: Recognizing that God brings very talented people around to help build His kingdom so the leader does not have to do it all.

Why Free Will Baptist? Truth is not watered down and beliefs are accurate, as he understands God’s Word.

If stranded on an island, what 3 things Pete would NOT want: grass (hates to mow), cats
or dogs, and telephone.

Three things Pete would want: laptop (has his Bible on it), family, and people from church.

Pete is a creative leader who motivates people with his loving spirit and study of the Word. He reads more and more, and watches TV less and less. Pete knows the value of interacting with family is far more vital than people think.

Pete Dunn, you are a great leader!




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