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December 2016 -January 2017


Beyond the Walls


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The column "Leadership Whiteboard" provides a short visual leadership coaching moment. It introduces and explains a new sketch in each issue, provides leadership coaching for further development, and shares a leadership quote and recommended book.


Can You Spot the Leader?

Saul, anointed by Samuel at the direction of the Lord, was selected based upon the external, aesthetic qualities the people desired. Because of Saul’s selection, Samuel had a preconceived idea of how the next king should look. As a result, when God sent Samuel to Jesse’s house, Samuel had a tough time spotting the next leader. As he stood in front of the oldest (who probably looked the part), Samuel must have been surprised and maybe even aggravated when God said no to him and to each brother who followed.

You know how the story ends; Jesse called the youngest (and smallest), who had not even been considered. Imagine the dinner conversation that evening if David had been overlooked totally. But God confirmed young David as the next king of Israel.


Leadership theories today run the gambit. The oldest and least used theory is trait (outward appearances). At the end of day, internal qualities matter every bit as much. External and internal qualities can be numerous, but look for leaders courageous enough to make hard calls regardless of what it does to his or her position. Leadership never should be about self-preservation or perpetuation; that’s a manager’s mindset.

Leaders hold moral choices above pragmatic ones and intelligently pursue what is right rather than
“being right.” As you grow as a leader, do not focus on ways you don’t measure up externally—the old-school mindset. Instead, focus on the internal characteristics God values. Become a person after God’s own heart, which in itself is an internal measurement.



Recommended Book

Jesus on Leadership by Gene Wilkes

Imagine your leadership growth if you tackled the six books recommended each year.


Leadership Quote

“The moment a person forms a theory, his imagination sees in every object the traits which favor that theory.”
—Thomas Jefferson



About the Columnist: Ron Hunter Jr. has served as the director of Randall House Publications for 14 years, and has led the organization into family ministry initiatives for the past 12 years.

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