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Training Hispanic Workers for Ministry

By Patty Newton


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THE SEVENTH SESSION OF THE GWEN HENDRIX Free Will Baptist Hispanic Bible Institute is underway. What a blessing to get to know and love the many students who are eager to train for the Lord’s work. When the institute opened, those involved in the ministry were excited, even overwhelmed at the opportunity to be part of this ministry. Many wondered how they would be able to communicate. Yet, God knew all the needs. Each group of students has one or more who speak English well.

Each group of students desires to learn, to seek the place where God would have them minister. Some return to their homeland to minister. Others find new locations to minister.

The first session of the Institute brought three students including Elias Perez, who now ministers with his father in the Children’s Home in Oaxaca, Mexico. About 60 needy children occupy recently built dormitories.
Graduates Jesus and Velma Del Angel currently minister in Georgia. The Diego Cueva family (who arrived from Colorado with little but faith) have overcome many obstacles and continue to hold tight to that faith. They currently minister in Virginia.


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The institute also gives us the opportunity to meet pastors and laymen who give of their time to come to teach at the Institute. They leave homes, families, jobs, and churches to come for two weeks at a time to train these students for the ministry.

Many people support the institute financially, give their time and talents, and pray faithfully for the ministry. One may ask, “How can I be a part?” Let me make several suggestions.

  • Help the students. Many students have difficulty raising money to come to the institutes. They need money for meals, and funds for dorm utilities.

  • Help the teachers. Teachers also incur travel expenses. They need textbooks and classroom supplies, and any help is appreciated.

  • Help the institute. Vans must be kept in running order to shuttle students from church to church in their ministry work. Dorms must be maintained, and often require repairs.
    These are only a few of the many ways by which you can support the Institute. For more information, please contact First Free Will Baptist Church, Inman, South Carolina, at (864) 472-2863 and ask for Patty Newton.

The Gwen Hendrix Hispanic Bible Institute would like to thank the following contributors:

Rev. and Mrs. Buddy Morris, from Georgia, assisted with the purchase of the textbooks for the Institute in addition to a monetary gift. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wright presented the Institute with a gift of $25,000 at the May 2007 graduation and an additional gift of $25,000 in December. The Wrights have pledged their continued support for the Institute with gifts to follow in the upcoming year.

Many other ladies groups, churches, and individuals have given to assist with this vital ministry. We are very grateful.

The need is great for a Hispanic Ministry. With the growing population of Hispanics in the United States, we must reach out and give them the opportunity to know Christ. This can be accomplished by the training and teaching through the Institute. Will you become a part of this continuing ministry?


ABOUT THE WRITER: Patty Newton is a member of First Free Will Baptist Church in Inman, South Carolina. The church is home of the Gwen Hendrix Free Will Baptist Hispanic Bible Institute. Learn more about the work of Free Will Baptist Home Missions at



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