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The following news items apply to (or affect) the Free Will Baptist denomination scattered across the nation and around the world.To read more about Free Will Baptists and the various departments that make up the national organization, visit

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Nominating Committee Seeks International Missions Board Replacement

Antioch, TN—Following the January resignation of Free Will Baptist International Missions Board Member Jerry Norris (MO), the Nominating Committee of the National Association of Free Will Baptists is seeking nominations for a replacement to fill his unexpired term, according to Committee Chairman Todd Smith (SC). The position will expire in 2012.

Nominations, accompanied by a brief resume, must be submitted in writing exclusively to the chairman on or before Thursday, May 5. Contact Chairman Todd Smith (SC):
Nominating Committee
PO Box 9
Turbeville, SC 29162


Foundation Trains Free Will Baptist Leaders

The Free Will Baptist Foundation sponsored a tenth year of training for regional and national Free Will Baptist leaders, January 10-14, in Tampa, Florida. The weeklong course prepares leaders for their roles in denominational planned giving, according to General Director David Brown.
Participants included Florida pastor Steve Berry; Danny Baer, academic dean at Southeastern Free Will Baptist College; David Williford, vice-president for institutional advancement at Free Will Baptist Bible College; and Gene Norris, promotional secretary for Michigan Free Will Baptists.
“We are pleased that more than 40 Free Will Baptist leaders have attended the training course since we began the program 10 years ago,” said Brown. “We continue to strive to elevate denominational awareness about the benefits of long-term financial planning, and the Foundation has seen dramatic growth in planned gifts and endowments since the first course in January 2002.”


WNAC LogoWNAC Welcomed to ONE Magazine

Antioch, TN—Women Nationally Active for Christ (WNAC), the 5,000-member auxiliary arm of the National Association of Free Will Baptists, will join the ONE Magazine family in the June-July 2011 issue. The announcement comes on the heels of a January 4 meeting, when WNAC Executive Director Elizabeth Hodges petitioned the Oversight Committee to unite with the eight departments and agencies that currently underwrite and produce the magazine. Members of the committee approved the request unanimously and enthusiastically.

“I’m delighted that WNAC has chosen to make this move,” said Keith Burden, executive secretary of the denomination and editor-in-chief of ONE Magazine. “Having every department represented in the pages of ONE is a great step forward in the unity and solidarity of Free Will Baptists. This action sends a clear message that WNAC wants to continue their integral role in denominational endeavors. I applaud Elizabeth Hodges and the members of the Executive Committee for their decision.”

The WNAC Executive Board approved the move unanimously during its December 2010 meeting. “This is history in the making!” said Executive Director Hodges. “When we considered statistics telling us that the vast majority of magazine readers are women, we quickly realized that it is crucial for our organization to be represented in the publication that holds the most widespread readership among Free Will Baptists. As we enter a new chapter of WNAC, it is our goal to reach every generation of women, and ONE Magazine will help us reach that goal.”

Together With God, the magazine currently published by WNAC, will undergo a format change in the Fall 2011 issue. See for more details.
ONE Magazine continues to fulfill the dream of a unified denominational magazine. For many years, each agency of the denomination published its own independent correspondence. In contrast, ONE Magazine combines the resources of all denominational agencies into a bi-monthly periodical sent free to nearly 60,000 homes.




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