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The following news items apply to (or affect) the Free Will Baptist denomination scattered across the nation and around the world.To read more about Free Will Baptists and the various departments that make up the national organization, visit

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2016 Theological Symposium Meets at Welch

Nashville, TN—One might describe 2016 as the year of F. Leroy Forlines. During the national convention, Randall House Academic released a book in his honor, The Promise of Arminian Theology: Essays in Honor of F. Leroy Forlines, and the Commission for Theological Integrity also recognized Forlines for his life, service, and impact.

Add to those the commission’s theme for the annual Theological Symposium: “The Theological Legacy of F. Leroy Forlines.” The symposium met Monday and Tuesday, October 24-25, 2016, in Nashville, Tennessee, on the campus of Welch College. With the transition to a new campus imminent, the meeting marked the last time the symposium will be held on the West End campus, where Forlines taught for nearly 60 years. Forlines, now 90 years of age, chaired the Commission for Theological Integrity for over 50 years. The symposium featured seven papers paying homage to his legacy, a paper from Forlines himself, and a panel discussion. The agenda included:

  • Matthew Steven Bracey and W. Jackson Watts, “Celebrating the Legacy of F. Leroy Forlines”

  • Richard Clark, “The Influence of Leroy Forlines on a non-Free Will Baptist”

  • Jeff Cockrell, “Israel’s Identity and Salvation in Romans: A Discussion of the Forlinesean Hermeneutic”

  • F. Leroy Forlines, “The Abrahamic Covenant”

  • Andrew Harrison, “The Role of Doctrine in the Church: Revisiting Forlines’ ‘A Plea for Unabridged Christianity’”

  • Matthew McAffee, “The Old Testament Text and Canon”

  • Daniel Webster, “Culture and the Arts: A Conversation with Leroy Forlines and the Early Church Fathers”

  • Ramón Zúñiga Barrón, “Leroy Forlines’ Influence Among Mexican Bible Institutes: Upholding and Spreading Free Will Baptist Doctrine”

  • Panelists Kevin L. Hester, Matthew McAffee, Frank Owens, Robert E. Picirilli, and J. Matthew Pinson: “The Legacy of F. Leroy Forlines and the State of Free Will Baptist Theology”

With the symposium streaming live, several hundred people either attended or viewed online. To purchase the digest of papers, or the newly released volume of Integrity, email, call 636-222-2784, or visit the commission’s blog at

The Commission is pleased to announce that next year’s symposium will take place on Welch College’s new Gallatin campus October 22-23. More details will be forthcoming.



North American Ministries Receives Special Gifts

Antioch, TN—North American Ministries recently became the beneficiary of a generous trust from a woman in Missouri. She set up the trust several years ago, and upon her death this spring, at age 97, the funds were given to the office. North American Ministries is thankful for those who plan ahead to help this vital ministry continue.



Rev. Jose Correa and the church in Puerto Rico received a donation to help construct a school building (pictured, above), which will enhance their ministry on the island. A couple recently visited the Puerto Rico work and felt led to donate $25,000 to the school rather than add a carport to their house. Other financial needs will arise as the school progresses. If you wish to help Brother Jose and the island school, send funds to the North American Ministries office designated for the Puerto Rico school. The funds will be forwarded to the Correas to purchase items for the school and its students: North American Ministries, PO Box 5002, Antioch, TN 37011-5002
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