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November 2016


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D6 Singapore a Milestone

God continues to use Free Will Baptists to spread His heartbeat of generational discipleship founded on the principles of Deuteronomy 6. The principles resonate with seminaries, universities, and ministry leaders around the world. The D6 Conference, founded in 2009, is a family ministry conference.

Since 2009, more than 21 countries have sent leaders to learn and bring the teachings back to their culture. The first international D6 Conference was held in Norway in 2013. France hosted a conference in 2015, and Singapore hosted the event in July 2016. For the past three years, Ron Hunter has served on a team that assists leaders in Southeast Asia to adopt biblical principles of family ministry without making the mistakes of the American churches.


Ron Hunter, key plenary speaker for D6 Singapore, shared the following four messages: It’s Time to Fight for Your Families, Eight Steps to Family Ministry Mindset, Restoring Biblical Family Ministry, and Writing a New Chapter for Your Family Legacy. After the conference, Ron trained ministry leaders from two countries—Indonesia and Malaysia—to start the cultural change for church and home working together for effective family ministry. Many denominations and organizations recognize Free Will Baptists are leading the family ministry conversation in North America and around the world.

It is important to note that while Randall House provides training for countries to host international events, Randall House does not bear the financial responsibility for international events. Ron and the Randall House team advise the international leaders, provide previously developed graphics, recommend speakers, and offer previously recorded videos. The international conferences are asked to pay back 10% of their total revenues to help Randall House provide the same service to other countries.


D6 Connect Tour: Three Speakers, Three Cities, Three Days

During May, Randall House hosted a three-city tour that provided educational opportunities for ministry leaders in the area of family ministry. The D6 Connect Tour featured Dr. Edward Moody, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, and Ron Hunter in St. Louis, Missouri; Lexington, Kentucky; and Nashville, Tennessee. Some attendees traveled more than 200 miles to hear the messages Raising Kids in Modern Day Babylon, A Theology for Family Ministry, and Eight Steps to Developing a Family Ministry.

The D6 Connect Tour delivered a half-day family ministry event to those who otherwise might not be able to attend a larger national three-day event. Family ministry is the best way to grow strong churches, and God continues to use the D6 message of generational discipleship regionally, nationally, and internationally.


Eight Randall House Titles Released in Singapore

Singapore, a primarily English-speaking country, released eight Randall House titles this summer: Legacy Path, Visionary Parenting, Visionary Marriage, Limited Church Unlimited Kingdom, Five Reasons for Spiritual Apathy in Teens, Deuteronomy 6 in 3D, Relentless Parenting, and The DNA of D6. Several of these titles have been released in multiple languages and countries.

Ron Hunter’s newest book, The DNA of D6: Building Blocks of Generational Discipleship, released this past fall and has been met with favorable reviews. The book will release this fall in French and Korean and will be used in a number of seminaries and colleges as a textbook.


D6 Podcast Launched

Randall House recently launched the weekly D6 Podcast featuring interviews with authors, ministry leaders, and speakers. Find the free podcast on iTunes and at A full lineup of featured interviews can be found on the site, but notable ones include Tim Elmore, Pete Wilson, David Jones, Dannah Gresh, and Beth Guckenberger. Randall House believes that sharing interview-style content will enrich ministry leaders around the world.

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