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Advisory Council Meets, Challenges Staff

ANTIOCH, TN A diverse group gathered January 14-15 in the Free Will Baptist National Offices to advise, encourage, and challenge the Mission staff. The Advisory Council is currently composed of 17 specialized laymen and women from around the country.

General Director James Forlines began the session with an overview of the Mission’s strategy and goals. After small groups met to discuss specific topics, everyone reconvened to process the information gathered. Attendees offered encouragement and suggestions to enhance the Mission’s ability to perform its tasks more creatively and efficiently.

The Advisory Council will gather annually. However, their ongoing availability to give advice for specific needs renders their volunteer service invaluable.


HOKKAIDO, JAPAN Missionary Joni Thomas recently praised the Lord for two more converts in the Miharashidai FWB Church. Keiko, a young lady who faithfully attended the church and youth meetings for about 18 months, became a believer while studying in England for a semester. She shared her decision with missionaries upon her return in January.

Mrs. Oui, who has been attending services for a few months, thanked the Lord for her faith on Sunday, January 16.

 Joni urges, “Please hold fast in prayer . . . as Satan would love to discourage and deceive” both these ladies and others who have recently accepted Jesus as Christ.


MADRID,SPAIN Anthony and Lea Edgmon are scheduled to begin a short stateside assignment February 24. The family will be based in Nashville, TN, during their six-month stay.


ANTIOCH, TN The International Mission Board approved Suzanne McVay for a one-year term to Spain by special e-mail ballot on February 7. The Overseas Assistant hopes to depart in August to teach elementary classes at Evangelical Christian Academy in Madrid.


BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL According to Dr. Kenneth Eagleton, missionary to Belo Horizonte, the Belo church organized on November 20 with 17 charter members. Representatives from six other Brazil Free Will Baptist churches were present to celebrate the historic step. “Our people are excited about the opportunities for ministry in our area,” writes Kenneth.


GOUMERE, COTE D’IVOIRE Missionaries Verlin Anderson and Alice Smith held another Community Health Evangelism training session in Gouméré, January 21-23. The three days were packed with seminars designed to train Ivorian Christians how to reach into surrounding villages with health services and evangelistic efforts.


VILLALBA, SPAIN Architect’s plans for construction of a church building in Villalba, Spain, have been submitted to city officials. The city has a two-month window to review and approve the current plans. City officials have until the end of February to respond. Meanwhile, the church is seeking a construction loan from local banks. Spain banks, historically, have not been favorably disposed to issue loans to evangelical organizations.



ANTIOCH, TN The earthquake and tsunamis that struck Asia on December 26, 2004, did not directly impact International Missions works. However, the horrific loss of life and devastating damage certainly demand Christian participation in relief efforts.

General Director James Forlines released the following statement: “International Missions will gladly accept donations for disaster relief. We will forward 100% of these donations to a reputable evangelical relief organization with established ties to that area of the world.”

To donate on-line, go to and designate your gift to "Humanitarian Assistance Fund."


UBERLANDIA, BRAZIL Tom Hughes, missionary in Uberlândia, Brazil, indicated Odevan Calvario accepted Christ on December 12. The man had been attending church services for about six months. Odevan is married and has two daughters.


ST. NAZAIRE, FRANCE The St. Nazaire Free Will Baptist Church sponsored and hosted a two-day Bible Exposition February 5 and 6. Eric Denimal, author of the French edition of The Bible for Dummies, spoke four times during the expo.

Robert Bryan noted that although attendance was less than hoped for (approximately 50 visitors), those who came were positively impacted. A 17-year-old boy, who attends church only because his parents require him to, was “rapt with attention” according to Bryan. One lady exclaimed, “It made me want to read the Bible!”

“In Europe,” wrote Bryan, “we have to count victories in small increments. Our church people, having seen some of the richness of the Word, want to read.”


ANTIOCH, TN Director of Financial Operations Rob Conley was hospitalized December 3 with a life-threatening toxic strep infection in his left leg. He was released from the hospital on December 21, only to return to the emergency room during the night. Conley was released December 25. A successful skin graft was performed on January 12. Mr. Conley returned to work on a part-time basis the end of January.




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