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April-May 2017

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Free Will Baptist International Missions serves churches, pastors, and people by helping them fulfill their role in establishing churches beyond North America so unreached peoples can know the joy of a relationship with the living God. To find out more about the ministry of Free Will Baptist International Missions, visit

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IM Finishes Year In Black, Erases Missionary Account Deficits

Antioch, TN—“I closed the books on 2016 with great joy,” IM’s CFO Rob Conley stated with a smile. “Not only were general fund needs met; they were exceeded. It was downright fun to sit with Clint Morgan and, one-by-one, erase missionary account deficits and seed those accounts with a balance for 2017.”

At the 2016 National Association of Free Will Baptists in Kansas City, Missouri, General Director Clint Morgan promised if general fund giving exceeded general fund needs, missionary accounts would reap the benefits. “We know the transition from generalized giving to designated giving will take time to implement,” Morgan said. “We want our missionaries to succeed, and we will do all we can to help them.”

As the books closed, Clint rejoiced: “After six years of struggling financially, we celebrate the generosity of Free Will Baptists! These undesignated gifts allowed us to allocate funds to deficit missionary accounts.” Deficit missionary accounts received a total of $376,697.54 across 17 accounts.

After receiving news from Rob Conley concerning the benefit to their account, Ruth McDonald wrote, “This miracle occurred because of the sacrificial gifts of God’s people throughout the year...It was also because of the one-time generous ‘bailout’… to bring us out of the deficit…God is great. His people are still listening to and obeying His Spirit’s call. We are blessed.”

Erasing missionary account deficits allowed missionaries to begin 2017 with a clean slate. However, these accounts were in deficit because they had been underfunded. An additional $209,000 was pulled from the general fund and distributed across missionary accounts, providing missionaries with a cash balance to begin 2017. “As you hear about missionaries needing additional support, please prayerfully consider who you can support monthly, consistently,” pled General Director Morgan. “We can prevent future deficits. I have no doubt Free Will Baptists can fully fund the general fund and missionary accounts. Ask God what He would have you do, and do it.”

Morgan stressed the importance of the general fund saying, “One of the strategic challenges we presented in Kansas City dealt with the need for our cash reserves to rise above 20% of our budget. These funds are set aside to offset potential challenges demanding a quick, immediate financial outflow over a short period of time.” Analysts recommend non-profits have three to six months of budgeted expenses in cash reserves. The 20% cash reserves for IM only cover 73 days, or two and a half months, of expenses.

“Even as we rejoice over ending the year in the black, I’m reminded that during the last six years we cut ministry expenses just to keep missionaries in their countries. Some missionaries probably felt like they were laboring with one arm tied behind their backs,” Conley acknowledged. “We hope 2017 funding allows us to restore those mission-critical ministries to missionary budgets. God is doing great things in the lives of people all over the world. How many more lives can be impacted with the truths of the gospel when ministry budgets enable effective outreach? We need people to pray, work, and give to restore mission-critical ministries.”

Faithful monthly support to all accounts, general and missionary, will allow the Mission to function properly. As the Mission functions properly, the gospel is shared, men and women accept Christ as Savior, families are changed, believers are discipled, churches multiply, and God is glorified.


Snapshots Around the World

Côte d’Ivoire—Eight people (pictured below) were baptized at the FWB Church in Tiassalé, Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Africa, on Christmas Eve. Emmanuel Tamignon, pastor of the church, is a recent graduate of the Bible institute. The church began a few years ago when Dibé Emmanuel, a FWB nurse who works for the government, was transferred to the city. He began witnessing in the city, won a few people to the Lord, and started a church in his home. The work has grown and they have now called a pastor to lead the church. Photo: Pastor Paul Amiezi



Spain—During the Christmas holidays, the Alpedrete Church sang Christmas carols in five nursing homes and senior citizen centers in the community. “Each time we sang together,” wrote Kristi Johnson, “we not only felt inspired by good will, but we knew we were sharing the good news of Jesus’ birth with many people who needed to hear it.”  
Panama—The Panamanian National Association of FWB Churches held their annual Convention (pictured below) on the Chame Bible institute campus January 7- 8. Regional Director Kenneth Eagleton attended and met with the Executive Committee and the Ordination Council to discuss the partnership between International Missions and the Association. As the IM representative, Kenneth confirmed IM’s 2017 partnership through sending an E-TEAM, sending teachers to help with the seminary, and helping with the expenses of maintaining the seminary and some of the church-planting projects. Photo: Kenneth Eagleton.



Brazil— The Jaraguá FWB Church, in Uberlândia, Brazil, sponsored a pre-teen camp (pictured below) in December. According to Pastor Sérgio Lira, 20 campers participated and five adults helped out. Three of the youth made salvation decisions. Photo: Sérgio Lira


Japan— Moms and children connected to Good News Chapel (Tokyo) participated in the Christmas party for the Good News Kids ministry on Wednesday, December 21. A host of kids (17, pictured below) and their moms made a craft about the Nativity scene, sang Christmas songs (with Katie Speer), participated in games, and interacted with the Christmas story with Ruth McDonald. “It was a wonderful opportunity to plant the gospel story in the hearts of both moms and their children,” stated Ruth. Photo: Ruth McDonald



Panama— The Free Will Baptist Bible institute in Chame, Panama, graduated five students in December. One student graduated from the three-year program and four students completed the one-year program. Photo: Alfredo Beach

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