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June-July 2018

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Free Will Baptist International Missions serves churches, pastors, and people by helping them fulfill their role in establishing churches beyond North America so unreached peoples can know the joy of a relationship with the living God. To find out more about the ministry of Free Will Baptist International Missions, visit

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Outlaws Resign From Mission

Antioch, TN—The Board of Free Will Baptist International Missions voted to accept the resignation of David and Angie Outlaw from missionary service March 12, 2018. The Outlaws submitted an official letter of resignation, explaining, “David desires to resume a constant pulpit ministry that involves the continual exposition of Scripture and leadership in a local church. The One who sovereignly led us from the pastorate to the foot of the Tien Shan Mountains now leads us toward our next task...Though we do not yet have a church to pastor, we are issuing a 90-day notice to resign our positions at FWBIM effective March 1.”

Appointed to missionary service in April 2006, David and Angie served five years sharing the gospel and teaching national leaders in Central Asia. Angie taught English courses, led outreach events, and served alongside IM partners at a humanitarian aid organization. David worked to equip national believers and church leaders, teaching the necessary theology and leadership principles to build generations of Central Asian Christians.

When living in Central Asia was no longer feasible, David and Angie traveled to Central Asia several times a year while expanding their teaching and training ministry to Russia, Panama, Cuba, and South Korea. David and Angie also worked to raise awareness for missions through conferences, events, and services.

"David and Angie are gifted people who played an amazingly strategic role in opening ministry possibilities for IM in Central Asia. They have served honorably over the last 12 years and leave with our blessings and prayers,” stated General Director Clint Morgan.

David and Angie plan to continue training pastors in Central Asia with IM (taking about four weeks throughout the year), as a church allows. "We encourage our supporters to continue supporting the partnership in Central Asia or designate that money to the WMO.”


Bulgarian Team Member Dies

Svishtov, Bulgaria—Radostin Tsvetkov, an integral part of Josh and Lydia Provows’ plans for working in Shumen, died suddenly on April 4. The 30-year-old collapsed while playing basketball with a group of boys.


Radi filled multiple roles in the Svishtov work, connecting well with teens and older adults alike. Tim and Lydia Awtrey sought several people to come forward and fill his shoes. Josh Provow describe Radi as “one of my closest friends…loving, hardworking, humble…faithful.” Other members of the Bulgaria team agree. A Christian for 12 years, Radi joined the Svishtov church in 2016 and immediately began contributing to the church. Lydia Awtrey requested prayer for “our devastated church family.”


Snapshots Around the World

Partner: Jeff and Susan Turnbough led a Leadership Matters Course in Germany March 8-24. Thirty leaders working in 19 nations received training. Sam McVay (IM office) and Kristi Johnson (Spain) both served as members of the training team.

India: Indian Free Will Baptists held their national convention in Sonapur, March 8-11, with well over 5,000 attending the opening service. By the closing service, more than 10,000 people swarmed the Sonapur compound. Forty-nine believers professed their faith through baptism. The conference theme, expressed in Psalm 50:15 (“Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee.”), proved timely as persecution of Christians increases throughout India.


Bulgaria: About 30 women (pictured above) from Svishtov, Pleven, and Varna gathered for a retreat March 16-18. Several unsaved women joined those from FWB churches.


Brazil: Pastor Tiago de Oliveira baptized eight people (pictured above) on Sunday, March 25, at the Campo Alegre FWB Church in Conselheiro Lafaiete, Brazil.

Uruguay: In March, two men were ordained as deacons in Uruguay. On March 10, the Melo Church ordained Mauricio Leites. The following week, on March 17, the Cristo es el Camino Church in Rivera ordained Ismael Olivera.

Côte d’Ivoire: Pastor Yao Gboko Kobena baptized nine young people on March 31 in Gouméré, Côte d’Ivoire.

Brazil: Pastor Rafael do Santos baptized seven adults on March 11 at the Buritis FWB Church in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Côte d’Ivoire: The Schilo FWB Church in Bouna, Ivory Coast (Africa), celebrated Easter in their new building. The Schilo Church, led by Pastor Silas Noufé, is the second FWB church in Bouna.

Panama: Lázaro and Ariadna Riesgo, who serve in leadership training, traveled to Panama on March 2 to teach at the Chame seminary. Lázaro taught apologetics classes; Ari trained in CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship). After three weeks of teaching and weekends ministering in churches, the couple returned to the States on March 23.

Côte d’Ivoire: Thirteen bush churches gathered 538 people to celebrate Easter in a three-day weekend conference. Pastor Alex Hien leads these congregations in the Bougou area of Ivory Coast.


Japan: Thirty-seven people attended a charity concert at Good News Chapel in Tokyo on Saturday, March 31. Attendees contributed $200 for ongoing relief work in the tsunami/earthquake stricken area of northeast Japan. Ruth McDonald, one of the featured artists, shared her testimony as well as singing. Professional philharmonic flautist and harpist also performed. The annual concert highlights the church’s community ministry and expands the contact base as new people enter its doors.


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