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Cover 40

October-November 2011

Shift: A Change of Direction


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Unlocking a Modern-Day Miracle: Beloved Free Will Baptist missionary Lorene Miley recounts a miracle of modern technology. Read more...

Pearl's Stuff Author Brenda Evans writes the final chapter in her article series about the Christian and money. Read more...



Those Who Cannot Hear


Bumpy Road to Tuxtepec

North of the Border

Repetition Is the Right Teacher

We're Glad You Came

Where Is Randall House Going?

Labor of Love

Stuck in a Rut

Unlocking a Modern-Day Miracle

Tennessee: Land of the Rising Son

I Went Back to College

Surveying the Change

Fishers of Men

Don't Leave Our Children Behind

My Family Is...

Awakening of the Free Will Baptists

Plane on a Stick

Witness in Kandahar

Pearl's Stuff

Oaks of Righteousness



First Glimpse: The Intersection

Intersect: The Joy of "Othering"

Brown on Green: Don't Buy the Wrong End of the Car

Leader Profile: Jeff Cates

One to One: Separated and Sent



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