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Cover 47

October-November 2012


Check Your Vision


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Hurry Up and Wait

Mission: North America Offering

How Much Longer?

WNAC: A Missionary's Perspective

Women of Vision

A New Vision

Go North, Young Man!

If Men Were Angels

Changed Lives

Best-Kept Secret

Discipleship in a Home Missions Church

Faith of Our Fathers

Understanding Risk

Two Men (One Dead) Talk About Money

A Touchy Subject

Same-Sex Marriage: Oxymoron

Tournaments Hit a Home Run for Master's Men



First Glimpse: Stranger in the Bathroom

Brown on Green: Request Grant(ed)

Intersect: The Letter I Didn't Send

Leader Profile: Jeff Goodman

One to One: If...



News at Welch College

News Around the World

NYC News & Updates

News About the Denomination



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