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June-July 2014

Looking for Leaders

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Randall House provides Free Will Baptist chaplains with a valuable ministry tool...

Chaplains on the Brink


Since the origins of our nation, colonists volunteered as a militia to defend our homes, families, and freedoms. From the French and Indian War to the Revolutionary War and forward, the United States methodically rose to become the world’s leading superpower through military strength and moral leadership.

Through these wars and conflicts, the nation learned how to care for the soldiers who fight to make freedom possible. The chaplaincy is an important process of this care. Each branch of the military provides clergy members to minister to troops during both peacetime and war.



Chaplains serve in various roles, from pastoral positions in chapels on military installations to training. Whatever the immediate responsibilities, their most important role is shaping the morals of the troops. Teaching ethics, counseling, and advising commanders all serve to share the gospel message and shape the spiritual lives of men and women in uniform.

Faced with unimaginable situations, troops seek answers and counsel from chaplains. These men have requested the use of D6 Curriculum for the troops under their care. Randall House provides complimentary curriculum, devotional magazines, and Bible studies. When people buy D6 Curriculum, they help provide curriculum to men and women in uniform and assist our chaplains in their ministry to military families.



D6 Curriculum has accompanied troops to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Jordan as well as bases across North America. We are thankful to the Free Will Baptist chaplains—Terry Austin, John Carey, Lee Frye, Tracy Kerr, Steve Simpson, Timothy Sturgill, Kevin Trimble, and David Trogdon—as well as those chaplains who serve in the Reserve and National Guard like Brad Hanna and others.


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