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Operation Family


Teach your children the importance of sharing their faith.

operation family

By Kathy Murphy


The morning was cold and rainy. As we drove down our assigned street, I remember counting 25 houses. We were nervous and unsure of what we would say, but we suited up with jackets and umbrella, children in tow. We had no idea what a sweet experience awaited us.

As we knocked at each door, we were amazed at the ease of conversation the Lord provided. One man cried as he told us he knew he was backslidden. He kept thanking us for stopping by. Another couple was grateful for our visit because they were looking for a church closer to home.

The last house on the street offered a challenge. My six-year-old daughter handed a flyer to the lady who answered the door, while my husband told her who we were and why we were visiting. With a fierce look and harsh gestures, she shoved the flyer back at my daughter. Taken aback, I thought, “How could she do that to a child?”

The incident provided an opportunity for us to talk openly with our children about how people sometimes reject Christ. What it didn’t do was discourage us.

That night, as we were praying with our girls, they each wanted to pray for the lady who had been unkind. What a humbling experience, so filled with blessings. I am so thankful we did not let our nerves get the best of us. We grew as a family. Our faith was strengthened. And we pray that God was honored.

Would you like to get your family involved in Operation Saturation?

The annual outreach event is a joint project of Master’s Men and Home Missions. On September 26, 2009, volunteers will gather in Battle Creek, Michigan, to help Jeff Isaacs get the word out about his new church.

On October 3, a second Operation Saturation will be held just outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Under the direction of Tim Osborn, participants will blanket neighborhoods near the new church, distributing flyers, surveys, and other relationship-building materials.

Take the challenge. Get your family involved in this life-changing activity they will never forget. For more information, visit or call 877-767-8039.


About the Writer: Kathy Murphy is a member of CaneRidge FWB Church in CaneRidge, TN.



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