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April-May 2010

Moved by Compassion: A Heart for World Missions



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History of
Free Will Baptists


The Aldridges


Today, the fruit of long years of labor is evident and growing...


A Retired Ambassador

by Jimmy Aldridge


My decisions to accept International Missions’ invitation to be an ambassador dates back to 1956. As a freshman at Free Will Baptist Bible College, I surrendered my life to Christ to serve Him anywhere, anytime, by any means.

While a student at FWBBC, I met Janie, a young lady who shared the same vision and commitment. In time we were married, became Free Will Baptist missionaries, and for 37 of the best years of our lives ministered together. In retirement, we have continued to assist with mission work in Russia. Over the years, we have shared the joy of partnering in God’s plan of redemption for the lost peoples of the world.

A 2008 trip to Ivory Coast to celebrate 50 years of Free Will Baptist mission work in that country was a foretaste of heaven! We saw answers to prayer walking all over the stadium where we met. For 22 years, we were a part of the witnessing, ministering team of missionaries in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. Thanks to the “senders” at home, the whole team was able to stay. God supplied the financial means through His people in Free Will Baptist churches across America.

Today, the fruit of long years of labor is evident and growing. Those early years were tough, but God always prevailed. Truly, missionaries are laborers together with Him. But so are the dear people who interceded for us and supported us with their money, prayers, and letters of encouragement.

And the work goes on. Our overseas mission works and churches continue to multiply and flourish, bringing people to Christ and His salvation. The harvest is great! The challenge is awesome! It gives me great satisfaction to be part of that.

Serving as WMO ambassador for International Missions in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi permits Janie and me to renew friendships with people who have faithfully supported missionaries around the world for many years. We also have the opportunity to invite new people to invest in the most meaningful undertaking of their lives—sharing the gospel with those who have never heard it.

God is honoring His Word. The people who were saved and taught to be disciples when we were missionaries are now spreading the gospel and making disciples of their converts! Among other endeavors, the World Missions Offering provides support for all Free Will Baptist overseas Bible institutes, developing the leadership essential for continued growth. Knowing this, I am honored to serve another year as an ambassador for the World Missions Offering.

In April 2010, Janie and I will be among the thousands of children, teens, families and seniors on fixed incomes who will fill coin banks, write checks, and give joyfully, as we are able. Our gift is an act of love and obedience. We want to spread the Good News of His love and salvation everywhere and thus continue to fulfill His command to the church.

Will you join us? Do what you can, and together, we can do more than we ever dreamed possible.


About the Writer: Retired missionary Jimmy Aldridge served for many years in Cotê d’Ivoire and on the Mission’s administrative staff. He and his wife Janie currently reside in Alabama. Read more about the work of Free Will Baptist International Missions at


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