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April-May 2013

The Many Faces
of Outreach


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A Search for Truth


A Search for Truth Leads to Christ


Daniel grew up in Spain in a staunch Catholic family. He went to mass on special occasions and, occasionally, even to confession. But he knew something was missing; he yearned for a more personalized approach to Christianity. So Daniel began to read the Bible. Then he added Protestant theologians such as Martin Luther to his reading list.

As he continued his search to understand biblical truth, he happened upon the Villalba Free Will Baptist Church website and decided to visit. At first, he attended by himself. Soon, his live-in girlfriend joined him in services. After a few months, they decided they needed to be married.

Gradually, Daniel came to recognize that he was searching for a relationship with Jesus Christ. And to have that relationship, he had to admit his need for a Savior. As he explained, “I had never robbed, murdered, or anything like that; but I came to realize that, at my core, I was sinful. I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t the good person my parents thought I was. I needed a Savior who would forgive me and redeem me from my dark ways. Now, I think and feel differently. My outlook on life has been transformed!”

His wife also came to Christ and they were both baptized the end of July 2012.

Your support of the World Missions Offering allows missionaries, national leaders, and churches to lead men and women like Daniel—those seeking truth—to find Christ and be transformed by His redeeming power. Thank you for helping Daniel find Christ and fill the void in his life.


Need WMO Ideas?



Promote at Church

  • Pray for God to move in your congregation.

  • Print posters and hang them around the church.

  • Show a video each Sunday in April.

  • Print bulletin inserts and use them.

  • Encourage teachers to use missions stories and coloring pages.

  • Preach missions-oriented sermons.

Participate in the World Missions Offering on April 28

  • Celebrate the congregation’s response to God’s leading!


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