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stairway to the son

By Larry Powell

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The ancient Aztecan language is usually called Nahuatl (NAH - whut - uhl). The Aztec people lived in Mexico and had an advanced civilization before the conquest of the country by Cortez in 1519. The Mesoamerican Valley of Mexico was the home of some of the largest and most powerful cities that existed in the Pre-Columbian era. The Aztec culture is often linked to the large, pyramid-shaped temples constructed with vast stairways to the sun god Huitzilopochtli. Today, many Mexicans claim to be descendents of this early native-American culture. Until recently, however, this vast people group did not have the entire Bible in their native language (spoken by more than a million people living in the Mexican states of Vera Cruz and Hidalgo).

We praise the Lord that this ancient people can now read the Word of God in their own tongue. Thanks to Rev. Orlando Bautista, pastor of Temple Free Will Baptist Church, for translating the entire Bible into the Nahuatl language. This difficult task has taken years to complete, but today, the men and women whose ancestors once worshiped the sun, can now learn the story of Jesus Christ and follow their own stairway to the Son!




By Larry A. Powell

The future of the Free Will Baptist Church in Mexico depends on training young men and women for leadership roles in our local churches and missions. We are excited to be training missionaries and church planters in our seminaries and sending them into Mexico to share the good news. Jesus Saves!


Bible Institute, Altamira, Mexico

We are blessed to have people doing an excellent job of leading and teaching the students at the Bible Institute in Altamira. This year they have enrolled a number of full-time students from all over the Mexico Association. They also have established an evening class for a large group of students from local churches in that area.


Seminary of the Cross, Reynosa, Mexico

Dr. Thomas Marberry and his wife Wilma have been doing a great job of teaching students at the Seminary of the Cross for several years. This year, they enrolled a record number of full-time students from the Association of Mexico. Many graduates serve our churches and mission works throughout the country.


Scholarships for Mexican Students

If you, your church, Sunday School class, WAC, Master’s Men or youth group would like to help a full time student prepare for ministry in our churches, we would welcome your assistance. You can send a student to seminary for an entire semester for about $300. Most of the students at the seminary work various jobs to help pay their tuition, food, and school supplies.

If you would like to help a student, send your gift to The Home Missions Department earmarked Bible Institute, Altamira or Seminary of the Cross, Reynosa. We will make certain that all of your gifts are sent to a student at one of those institutes. Thanks for helping a worthy student reach Mexico with the message of salvation in Christ.

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