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Erasing the RED from missionary accounts.

by Larry A. Powell

For more information about the FWB Home Missions Department (now North American Ministries), please visit

DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO PEEK INTO the windows of home missionaries and see their work, their fields, and—in some cases—their deficit accounts. The information below will direct your attention to where help is needed most.

Although the temperature has been 50 degrees below zero in Fairbanks, Alaska, Ron and Janice Wallace had their best winter attendance ever in their new facilities. Ron and Janice are missionaries at Northern Lights FWB Church in Alaska, the largest state in the union.

Mark Braisher and his family in Overland Park, Kansas, are preparing to build new facilities. It has taken a while to reach this point, but construction should
take place in the near future. Missionaries overcome many obstacles during the building process.

Don Bailey, home missionary to San Antonio, Texas, is moving modular buildings onto his property to be used for Sunday School and worship services. Paul Park, Cross-Cultural Korean Ministry, continues to travel from one end of the country to the other to raise support for Korean Free Will Baptist churches. His passion is to see many Korean FWB churches planted to reach this growing segment of the population in America for Christ.

Paul McKissick, Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the members of the New Heights FWB Church have moved into a new meeting place with an inviting sign
for those who pass by. They have begun the next phase of the work with programs for youth, Bible studies, and fellowship. Tim Byers, Ashtabula, Ohio, and the members of the mission church there are experiencing growth in
all areas of work with a growing youth ministry and continually seeing souls saved.

Encourage these faithful missionaries by partnering with them through prayer and financial aid. Take action now so they do not have to leave their church to raise salary funds across the nation. Thank you on behalf of each hard working church planter.

Larry A. Powell is the general director of the Home Missions Department.


Bailey, Don - $ 4,101.13
Braisher, Mark - $2,339.25
Byers, Tim - $1,310.70
McKissick, Paul - $2,603.28
Park, Paul - $3,301.70
Rubio, Carlos - $6,289.60



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