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great tips for teaching children

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  1. Begin preparing for your lesson early in the week. This allows for your own creativity and personal resources to be implemented as you plan for the lesson.

  2. Remember: Failing to plan means planning to fail.

  3. Create an inviting atmosphere for children. Enlist the help of others to decorate the classroom walls and ceiling. Don’t forget the entrance.

  4. Invest in decorations and updated supplies.

  5. Melt that old margarine tub full of crayon shards into larger chunks using muffin tins. New crayons don’t cost a lot.


Bonus suggestions for using a CLEAR product

These are innovative ways to incorporate the Kids’ Cards into daily lessons.


Use the Kids’ Cards to increase interest in the lessons. Two sets of the cards can be used as a memory game for a few children to play together. Encourage them to mix up the cards and take turns finding a match. The difficulty level can be changed with the number of pairs used for the game.

Kids’ Cards can be sent to each student before class. Children love to receive mail and will look forward to the communication from you every week. (These cards can also be mailed as a reminder of the lesson after class.)

Encourage the children to choose a friend to mail a Kid’s Card to. This is an easy way to help them learn to spread the gospel and will involve families too.

Play a review game with a set of Kids’ Cards. Encourage the children to pull one card out of the bag and tell what the picture represents. Continue until all the cards have been described.

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