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September 2020

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A Ticket for Fishin'

By Katie Greenwood


Teaching preschoolers provides a unique perspective that God often uses to get me thinking about His Word. One particular week while teaching about Peter, Andrew, James, and John, I received a needed reminder.

“They were some of Jesus’ first disciples,” I said. “Do you remember what a disciple is?”

I had spent a good bit of time talking about the disciples’ choice to follow Jesus and learn from Him about God and His Word. It was encouraging to see several kids eager to share an answer. I chose Luke because he was about to explode with pride over knowing the answer.

“They’re the guys who had a ticket to go fishin’ with Jesus on His boat.”

Not wanting to discourage future attempts to answer, I quickly processed how to respond diplomatically and correct his theology. Ultimately, I realized Luke wasn’t too far off base. Knowing the Lord and choosing Him as Savior certainly provides the connection (ticket) needed to hang out with Him on His “boat.” Fishing represented typical daily activities for the men of that town during that particular time in history. Being a disciple of Jesus and choosing to follow Him definitely requires doing normal daily activities with Him.

As the day progressed, long after the kids were picked up from class, I found myself thinking about Luke’s response. I was struck by the many times I had “missed the boat” because I mistakenly assumed it was best to wait until Sunday, a certain conference, or a lifegroup gathering to focus on discipleship.

When our Lord encouraged men to follow Him that day, He was not referring to a short jaunt across the lake or even a full day of casting nets. Jesus was calling them to a life-long, everyday commitment to Him.

When asked to describe disciples, little Luke could have said:

  • “They are the workers at the bank who count the money—with Jesus.”

  • “They are the farmers who grow vegetables—with Jesus.”

  • “They are the mommies who take kids to soccer practice—with Jesus.”

  • “They are the teenagers who play in the band—with Jesus.”

  • “They are the neighbors who help pick up trash—with Jesus.”

  • “They are the dads who read the same book a million times—with Jesus.”

  • “They are the kids who choose to be kind at the park—with Jesus.”

Discipleship means doing life WITH JESUS every moment of every day. It means there’s no expiration date on your ticket and no limit to how many times you can fish on His boat.

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About the Writer: Katie Greenwood is the senior editor of children’s resources at Randall House. She has been married to her best friend, Steve, for 29 years, and they have three daughters. Having served in the local church since her teen years, Katie has a passion for inspiring others to love the Lord and His Word. She also looks for opportunities to champion godly marriages and encourage parents as the spiritual leaders in their homes.


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