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Men under construction

by Ken Akers, general director, Master's Men

In October of 2003, the Home Missions and Master’s Men Departments began a series of rallies across America. Master’s Men General Director, Ken Akers, and Master’s Men Board Chairman, Cliff Donoho, discussed the concept of bringing men together for the soul purpose of encouraging and strengthening them through fellowship and preaching. They settled on Friday evening and Saturday morning sessions with no charge for attending.

Because of an ongoing relationship with the Home Missions Department (Operation Saturation), we asked David Crowe, Director of Church Growth, was asked to join this new venture. The concept was to use various churches that had active Master’s Men chapters as locations for these rallies.

The 2004 rallies began at Center Point Free Will Baptist Church in Vilonia, Arkansas.  Approximately forty men from three states attended the first meeting. A second meeting was in Smithfield, North Carolina, at Unity Free Will Baptist Church. The final meeting of 2004 met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Airport Free Will Baptist Church with over sixty men and women in attendance. The congregations of these churches helped provide food for attendees.

As a new series of meetings begins this year, we are encouraging a CampMeeting atmosphere for men and women. Women who have attended the previous rallies have thoroughly enjoyed the services.

In 2005 rallies will be held in Fresno, California and Woodhaven, Michigan.  Watch for information in ONE Magazine and on the Master’s Men website

Please remember the original cooperative effort of Home Missions and Master’s Men, Operation Saturation. Make plans now to help a home missionary this fall!  It will be an experience you will never forget.

Ken Akers is the General Director of the Master’s Men Department in Nashville, TN.


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