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June-July 2014

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Streamlined, simple, clean, easy-to-use...these were the goals determined by Women Nationally Active for Christ staffers during a recent revision of They hit their target, producing a beautiful yet simple website that offers Free Will Baptist women a powerful resource to help them “fulfill the Great Commission through God-designed roles in the home, church, community, and world.” Enjoy a quick tour of the site’s key features and improvements.


  • Navigation. Locate content quickly and easily with a simplified drop-down menu and search feature. A feature slider draws attention to important news and content. Upcoming dates and events are located on the right sidebar of the Home Page, and a full Calendar Page offers a comprehensive slate of activities. Contact information is available on every page of the site.

  • About. Explore the history of Free Will Baptist women’s work, from 1841 to the present. Find the basics of today’s organization and activities: mission, FAQs, membership information, office and staff, and more.

  • Ministries. Find the latest information on WNAC ministries: needs for the Provision Closet, latest details of the annual convention, scholarships, promotional resources, publications, and more. You may be interested to learn the details of these longstanding ministries—how they started and evolved over the decades.

  • Treasure. Discover the rich history of Treasure, the quarterly Bible study guide that began as CoLaborer magazine in 1961. Subscribe or update subscriptions and download extra magazine content to spice up WNAC meetings, worship services, and projects.

  • Resources. Explore a treasure trove of ministry resources, from the digital WNAC Manual to PowerPoint™ presentations and free record-keeping resources. Browse Bible studies designed for younger women or download WNAC logos and wallpaper. Order the annual Program and Plan Book and peruse featured ministry resources posted by Executive Director Elizabeth Hodges and the WNAC staff.

  • Social Media. Take a shortcut to the WNAC Facebook page or follow the organization on Twitter to gain easy access to the latest news, events, and photos from the organization.


How Did We Do?

As you explore the new site, perhaps you have a suggestion for something we overlooked. Take advantage of the Submit Question form to let us know how we can continue to improve to serve you better.




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