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april-may 2006


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LET THE PAGES OF THE APRIL-MAY 2006 EDITION OF ONE TAKE YOU AROUND THE WORLD. From a park bench in Spain to the slums of Puerto Rico, this edition of ONE Magazine takes its reader to the farthest reaches of Free Will Baptist ministry. Go ahead...take the trip. You will never be the same.


All Eyes on Birmingham: 2006 Convention Preview

News in FWB Education

News Across the Nation

News Around the World

News About the Denomination



FEATURED: Who Are Free Will Baptists? (part one in a three part series)

First Glimpse: The Hidden Gift What Good Are Christmas Gifts in January?


In Review

One to One: The Greeting Card
It is a miracle that either one of us survived...













Multiplication: Campinas Style

Park Bench Evangelism

How Can You Believe That?

21 Days to Life

More Than a Hangout

Vision for a Changing America

Cross (Cultural) Training

Irreconcilable Differences

Take a Trip

Preaching to Grizzlies


Heroes at Home

Why Do They Go?

I've Already Been

Meet Me in St. Louis

Are You Ready?

New Board for a New Day










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