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Cover 39

August-September 2011:

Extraordinary Families


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2011 Convention Review: Global finances may be in a tailspin, but when more than 6,000 Free Will Baptists met in the second-largest banking city in the nation July 17-20, it was clear to everyone that the Great Commission has not been rescinded by a struggling economy! Read more of the 2011 Convention Review.

Is More REALLY Better? Author Brenda Evans takes a closer look at the pursuit of the "American Dream" and whether it is all it is cracked up to be. Read more...



The Future of Our Past

All in the Family

I Wouldn't Take Nothin' for My Journey

Five Ways to Avoid Divorce

Lay It All on the Line

Hero on Wheels

Lonely in the Parsonage

The High Value of Christian Education

Preparing for Their Future

Stay Put, Relocate, Downsize?

Is More Really Better?

The King of Books

Why I Believe the Bible

Though the Earth Be Moved

What's Next for Master's Men?



First Glimpse: Ordinary Heroes

Brown on Green: Death Taxes

Intersect: E-Readers Must Be Readers

Leader Profile: Tim York

One to One: Expert Traveler



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News at Free Will Baptist Bible College

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WNAC/Master's Men News

News About the Denomination

2011 NAFWB Convention Review


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