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august-september 2005

Families Under Construction

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The August-September 2005 issue of ONE Magazine gives today's families the tools they need to build a strong foundation or to repair one that is crumbling. Inspect the blueprints for godly parenting shared by best-selling author, Robert J. Morgan. Travel to India and visit the RajKumar family who beat the odds and escaped the darkness of Hinduism. Visit Mr. Richie with 3-year old Warren and learn some valuable lessons about teaching children to serve others. Weep with Susan Henderson as she offers hope to families with nowhere to turn. Read the testimony of a teen who surrendered her life to God at the risk of leaving family and friends behind. And when you finish reading, grab your hard hat and get busy. Free Will Baptist families are under construction!



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First Glimpse It all started with a crack...

One to One: Bug Off! She had no intention of sharing her new friends...


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Power for Parents
Bestselling author, Robert J. Morgan offers timeless advice for today's struggling families...

Afternoons With Mr. Richie

How Big Is Your Family?

Me? A Missionary? No Way!
13-year-old Crystal Hodges reminds us that God's way is...

Against All Odds

Does He Feel My Pain?

In the Shadow of Ramadan

Tag Team Missions

Baby Boom: Churches Parenting Churches

Jerry's War

From Flat Water to Living Water

Melting Hearts in the Big Apple

The Man Nobody Knows

Wild Bill Changes Hats

CLEAR Success

Dodging the Debt Trap

Look What God Did!






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