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December-January 2023 | Lighting the Darkness

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The Giver of Life

Eighty Years of Faith and Learning at Welch College

Patience and Authenticity: Keys to Helping Generation Z

Money Is Not the Issue

Longing and Fulfillment

The Goen Gift

A Fast Response to the Refugee Crisis

Starting From Minus Ten

A Day Watered With Blood

Abigail: From Victim to Victor (Includes "The Triplets" Today)

Self-Supporting... But Not Alone

Light in the Darkness

The Importance of Sustainability

Thriving (Not Just Surviving) as a Co-Vocational Pastor

Why Should a 21st Century Christian Care About the Church Fathers?

Telling Our Stories: A Biographical History

O Christmas Tree!

Reaching for Raleigh



First Glimpse: Rot

Refresh: Reaching Gen Z With the Gospel

Intersect: Instructions for the Journey

Primary Source: Bloodlust and a Modest Lady

Brown on Green: Don’t Cut Down the Fruit Trees

Leadership Whiteboard: Using Your "Super Powers"

Better Together: Influence



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