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January 2012

Dare to Disciple


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Free Will Baptist

Developing Disciples

Developing Disciples

By Ken Akers, director, Free Will Baptist Master’s Men.


An effective Master’s Men Chapter facilitates spiritual growth in men. The Word of God will call men to intimacy with God, purity of life, leadership in the home, faithful worship, mentoring others, commitment to the mission of the local church and denomination, prayer for their pastor(s), and a burden to share the gospel.

The paragraph above was taken from the Master’s Men manual called, The Master Plan. The mission of Master’s Men includes five purposes of which one is discipleship. When I read this statement, I have to ask myself, “Are we doing enough to accomplish this task?”


Are we facilitating spiritual growth in men?

Through Direction Bible Studies we provide quality Bible lessons that address important issues men face. These range from dealing with temptation to soul winning and godly living to being the type of husband and father God wants every man to be. The studies are designed to bring men closer to God, and there is no doubt that the closer we get to God, the better me we become.

When we experience a truly intimate relationship with God and focus on Him, we also will have better and closer relationships with those around us. CMI Conferences provide training and encouragement for better relationships. The conferences deal with issues of purity, leadership, worship, and mentoring, and give men opportunities to fellowship, establish new friendships, and forge accountability relationships.

We give me opportunities to put what they learn to work through active outreach—disaster response, Impact, mission trips, and work projects. We encourage men to get involved, not only in denominational work, but in their local church as well. Through Operation Saturation, a joint project with Home Missions, and periodic mission trips, we give men the opportunity to share the gospel.

Finally, we strongly encourage our men to support and encourage their pastors. At Master’s Men, we believe that together great things can be accomplished.


Yes, we are!

We are dedicated to facilitating spiritual growth in men. We just need more men to be part of what we are doing. We need more pastors involved. We want to partner with church leaders. We know we can help men across the denomination develop a closer relationship with God.

We are so convinced that we can help that we are giving the first year of membership free to any new chapter of Master’s Men. We will provide free Bible Studies and great opportunities to participate in Master’s Men activities. For a free copy of The Master Plan, or for more information, call or email our office. Let us help you help your men.

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