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December-January 2012


Dare to Disciple


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Help! I Still Need a Mentor! Contrary to the popular notion, many young Christians not only need but want someone to advise them about life. Read more...

Close the Back Door. Missionary Steve Lytle promotes biblical discipleship as the most effective church growth "method." Read more...

God's White Envelopes. Wayne Spruill recounts the many small ways God has made provision for him and his family. Read more...



Ordinary Means of Growth

Discipleship From the Ground Up

Micro Discipleship

Help! I Still Need a Mentor

Financial Discipleship

Close the Back Door

God's White Envelopes

Access to Success

Giving and Receiving Support

The Consolation Prize

Developing Disciples

Why Don't You Help Plant a Church?

The Beginning of a New Journey

Thank You for Your Service

The ICU Roller Coaster

Going Deeper

Walking in Memphis



First Glimpse: Uncle Bubba

Intersect: Picking the Right Study Bible

Brown on Green: Handling the Lord's Money

Leader Profile: David Trogdon

One to One: Taking a Stand



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