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February-March 2023 | Servant's Heart

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Servus Servorum Dei

The Stewardship Conundrum

His Kingdom, Our Stewardship: Managing for the Great Commission

Floodgates of Heaven

Stewardships and Partnerships

Which Is More Important: Family or Church?

A Soul Winner's Heart

“Neither Is There Any Water”

A Great Blessing

It's Only Dried Coffee

Our Timeline for Investing

Teaching Apologetically

Light After the Storm

A 9:00 P.M. Zoom Meeting

Before You Say No

Recipe for Life: Chocolate Pound Cake

What the Data Tells Us: Lessons From Know Your Community



First Glimpse: He Made It Look Easy

Primary Source: Preaching From Under the Pulpit

Intersect: Holiness Matters

Leadership Whiteboard: Quiet Quitting. Quiet Firing. Quiet Church.

Refresh: Worldview and the Gospel

Brown on Green: We Can't Carry Your Burden, But We Can Help Carry You!

Better Together: Is Your Next Pastor Sitting in Your Pew?



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