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January 2012

Dare to Disciple


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2012 NYC News & Updates


National Youth Conference | July 15-18th 2012—Memphis, TN


2012 Competition Study Pack CD

All study materials for Bible memorization, Bible Sword Drill, Bible Millionaire, Tic Tac Toe, Bible Bowl, and TruthQuest are conveniently packaged in a single CD.

These events are great tools to help young people learn Scripture. The Bible Competition CD is available online at or by calling 800-877-7030.


Buck a WeekBuck-A-Week

“Concerning the collection for the saints...”
(1 Corinthians 16:1-3). Since the early days of Christianity, believers have been instructed to set aside money each week to help support those in need. That is what Buck-A-Week is about—developing the habit of consistent, planned giving to promote missions at home and around the world.

By setting aside a dollar each week, you can make a difference in your world. If every person who attended the National Youth Conference set aside one dollar a week, we could give over $60,000 dollars each year. If the youth in every Free Will Baptist church participated, we could raise over $2 million per year.

What are you doing to reach your world? Be a part of Buck-A-Week. Collection banks and contribution posters are available from Randall House, call 800-877-7030.


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NYC Judging Sheets (xls) – Contains all judging forms **(NOTICE: select tabs at the bottom of the worksheet for EACH FORM – they are all contained within this file) **

NYC Judging Sheets (PDF)

NYC Categories

NYC Highlights for 2011 (ppt)

Bible Millionaire Sample Game

Bible Millionaire Demo

Bible Memorization Scoring Sheets

Bible Millionaire Template (ppt)

Judges Application

Youth of the Year Awards Form

RHP Model Release Form

Youth Competition Procedures Manual (SYC)




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