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October-November 2022 | Looking Back...Looking Forward

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Celebrating 200 Years at the Ridge Church

God and a Good Cup of Joe

The Butterfly Effect

Trends, Missions, and the Unchanging Gospel

There and Back Again

Why Give to the Mission North America Offering?

Self-Supporting at NorthPoint

Encouraging the Pastor and His Wife

Keeping the Vision Before Us

Landry Leadership

Pretty Considerable Much

Praying With John

Thinking Biblically About Political Discord

Being Constructive About Deconstruction

“How Does This State Association Stuff Work, Anyway?”



First Glimpse: Bad News

Primary Source: From Bath to Baptistry

Refresh: The Importance of Pastoral Longevity

Brown on Green: Supply Chain

Intersect: The Word at Work in You

Leadership Whiteboard: The Leader’s Ups and Downs

Better Together: Growing Together



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