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Cover 37

April-May 2011:

The Gospel in Hard Places


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The Gospel in Hard Places by Mark McPeak takes a closer look at the difficulty of missions work in areas of the world that have proven to be resistent to the Gospel. Read more...

Honoring Our Heritage gives readers an inside look at the upcoming celebration of the 75th anniversary of the National Association of Free Will Baptists. Read more...



The Gospel in Hard Places

A 22-Year Journey

Pigs Paid the Passage

The Greatest Ministry (You Never Want to Do)

And the Answer Is?

Piercing the Darkness


Next Level Giving

Westward Bound

Missouri Sharpshooter

Unfounded Fears

Long-Distance Caregiving

Unsafe Safes

End of the Journey

Honoring Our Heritage



First Glimpse: Quelle est la croix?"

Intersect: Bible Contradictions...Again

Leader Profile: Tim Hall

Brown on Green: IRA Giving

One to One: Taking Too Much for Granted



News Around the World

News at Free Will Baptist Bible College

2011 National Youth Conference

News About the Denomination



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