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august-september 2006

Families Matter

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From Neal Gililland's intuitive look into the lives of missionary families to Margaret Hardison's practical advice for raising kids who love Jesus and want to serve Him, the October-November 2006 issue of ONE Magazine provides help for families of all types.


Opening Our Eyes: 2006 Convention Highlights

News Across the Nation

News at Free Will Baptist Bible College

News Around the World

News About the Denomination

News in Publication

Footprints of a Giant: The Passing of Wade Jernigan


FEATURED: Face the Future: In Search of Free Will Baptists? (final segment in a three part series)

First Glimpse: The Security Blanket Someone hits rewind, and for a moment I visit my childhood...


Take Another Look at Your C.E.L.F.

In Review

2006 CLEAR Teacher of the Year

One to One: A Penny for Your Thoughts "Are you going to be a songwriter when you grow up...?"










The Family Portrait

Lessons From the River

You Can Make a Difference

Living 3-D

Hideki's Journey

The Legacy

Called to Arms

Tomorrow Is Only a Day Away

Laughing Eyes

Conversation With Bill

One Path

Should a Church Have Elders?

Buck a Week

Evangelism Reflection







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