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december 2005 - january 2006

Adventures in Discipleship

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WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU THOUGHT OF THE CHRISTIAN LIFE AS AN ADVENTURE? Yet it's true. When lives are dedicated to God and His service, the result can only be described as adventurous. You might just call it, "Adventures in Discipleship." As you read this edition of ONE Magazine, you will find stories of men and women who dedicated their lives to following the steps of the matter where those steps took them.


News in FWB Education

News Across the Nation

News Around the World

News About the Denomination

The Ketteman Scholarship

2005 FWB Leadership Conference


First Glimpse Delve into the mystery of the mysterious, moving Bible


In Review

Investing for Eternity

Just for Kids

One to One: Clean Undershirts and Pencils "I recall my anticipation as I removed the wrapping paper... "











The Fourth Man
Converted at age seven, Tom Malone spent the next 11 years trying to avoid embarrassing...

The First Road Warrior

Home Run Discipleship

How to Grow a Great Christian

Mission Possible

What Does a Disciple Look Like?

Dead Men Talking

The European Connection

When the Roll Is Called

The Prince of Fairwood

Leave a Better Legacy

Common Grounds

T.E.A.M. Players

Letting Go








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